Braiden is a rebellious kid who doesn’t listen to his parents or his teachers, he only believes in base chain. Despite their warnings that he will only fail in crypto, Braiden knows that with Base he’s going to make it.

What’s Braiden?

Braiden is a special idea, the character Braiden himself will age as new market cap milestones are hit. At ten million market cap Braiden will go from being a kid to a teenager, and with that milestone being hit we will update the logo, as well as introduce our Based Braiden Merchandise store. When the coin hits 100 million market cap, we will see an adult Braiden, who has made it big through his Base chain success. The logo will then be redesigned once more, and we will develop an application on the IOS and Android store. This app will be a fun and interactive app that will gain the attention of potential new base chain users, and Braiden will be teaching them about Base Chain, and why he loves it so much. At one Billion market cap we will repeat the process and come up with a new innovation. Finally, on X (Twitter) we will be posting one post per day that will be part of a continuing storyline for Braiden. This will start as soon as the coin launches.


  1. No Allocations
  2. No Taxes
  3. No Presale
  4. 1,000,000,000 Tokens

Contract address

1,000,000,000 Tokens


Mobile Application Development

It will be implemented at 100 mil

We are looking in developing an iOS and Android application where users can engage and play
as Braiden within the Base Chain ecosystem. This mobile app will offer an immersive
experience, allowing users to explore cryptocurrency concepts navigate challenges in the crypto
world. By playing as Braiden, users will learn about blockchain technology and experience the
excitement of crypto investments firsthand. The app aims to educate and entertain while
promoting Base Chain’s vision and community.

Base Braiden Merchandise

It will be implemented at 10 mil

To amplify the Base Chain movement and celebrate the spirit of Braiden, we are launching Base
Braiden merchandise. This collection will include apparel, accessories, and collectibles featuring
Braiden’s iconic blue cap and other crypto-themed designs. Base Braiden merchandise serves
as a symbol of empowerment and innovation, reminding everyone that we all have a bit of
Braiden’s enthusiasm and ambition within us. The merchandise line aims to foster a sense of
belonging and unity among Base Chain supporters and crypto enthusiasts.

NFT Launch and CoinBase Listing Aspirations

It will be implemented at 50 mil

In the near future, we plan to venture into the NFT (non-fungible token) space by launching
unique digital assets tied to the Base Chain ecosystem. These NFTs will represent exclusive
artwork, collectibles, or virtual assets that showcase the creativity and innovation of the Base
Chain community. The NFT launch aims to promote engagement and ownership within our
ecosystem while exploring new avenues for digital expression and value creation.
Ultimately, our goal is to position Base Chain for listing on CoinBase, a milestone that signifies
broader adoption and recognition within the cryptocurrency industry. Achieving CoinBase listing requires a robust ecosystem, strong community support, and adherence to regulatory
standards. We are committed to advancing Base Chain’s development, utility offerings, and
community outreach to realize this ambitious objective and propel Braiden’s vision to new

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